steph (someblondechick) wrote,

stupid rednecks

I was so mad today. I almost killed in Barker's class. Everyone is a freakin' racist. Ugh. Other than that, today was pretty good. Everybody knows that life can be wonderful. It's a soothing delight...

Oh I forgot:
Happy Groundhog Day!!
And...Mr. Nelson doesn't like Travis. I think it's hilarious.
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Thank you, favorite troupe member.
Yeah, rednecks are pretty gay.

And LP seems to be full of them.
yeah those guys were idiots, kinda like the dude who wrote that book but they are worse. yeah that was really racist in barkers class...Mr. Nelson is friggen gay lol. thats lame that he doesnt like me. happy belated groundhog day!
He is not gay. I love Mr. Nelson.
ok maybe hes not gay but it is lame he doesnt like me lol.